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Our leadership team consists of 9 individuals who are committed to growing our organization and expanding our reach to those who are in need of our services.

mission & vision

No one should have to suffer in silence.  We are committed to assisting those who are experiencing depression, thoughts of suicide and trauma by giving them access to counseling, peer mentorship and medical attention.

Fighting for forgiveness, InC.

MEMORABLE events...

Fighting For Forgiveness, Inc was founded as a result of a traumatic family event in September of 2015.  It gave us personal insight into the world of depression and how detrimental it can be when it goes undetected  God gave us the strength to forgive so that we could move forward with His plans for our lives.  At the end of a prayer vigil held for us by friends of our community, everyone released balloons...pink for love, blue for healing & peace.  As the balloons rose, we saw a cross in the sky.  Confirmation of God's love and the power of forgiveness.  The vision of "Fighting For Forgiveness" was given to our son and we are committed to carrying it forward.  Our message of forgiveness was featured on Good Morning America in September, 2015. 

Zach & Yvonne Ervin

Worth fighting for!

Did you know?

Depression and suicide affects those in our community at an astounding rate.  According to a 2014 study by the CDC, suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among those ages 10 to 34.  Help us expand our reach so this can be prevented.  All lives matter!


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