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The many facets of mental health

From a family impacted by multiple mental health disorders:

"All about us... I have 2 boys of my own.  My youngest is 9 years old and he has ODD and ADHD.  My oldest has high frequency hearing loss. This affects his reading and speech. He was born with this. The test to find out why is very invasive and we have chosen not to have it done. Me and their father have been blessed to have a 15-year marriage and many many more to come.

Five months ago we had the true blessing to take our 2 nieces and 2 nephews in. All 4 of them need special attention in certain areas. My eldest nephew is 17 and high functioning autistic.  My youngest nephew is 14 and has anxiety with panic attacks as well as ADHD. My eldest niece, who is 13, needs help with speech and is behind in education. My youngest niece is 6, and bless this babies heart, she was not put in school and needs help tremendously with school. I am pretty sure there are cognitive delays.

Even with all this said, Yes I have 6 precious gifts from God. We always make things work out through God's grace. We have learned to put our full faith in the Lord. let go of pride, and accept any and all gifts and affirmations. Our church and friends from all over have help provide for all of us. We are trying to move forward to getting kinship foster care of our nieces and nephews."

Fighting For Forgiveness, Inc. is THANKFUL to a special donor whose generosity allowed us to assist this family with Christmas shopping and food!

It's a blessing to be a blessing.

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According to the HUD 2010 Annual Assessment Report to Congress, 26% of homeless Americans suffer from a mental illness [such as depression].

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